A guide to food, culture and connection in the workplace

This in-depth guide looks at how business leaders can bring their offices back to life and facilitate meaningful connections between teams through one simple offering: Food

This practical guide covers:

  • How good food factors into employee wellbeing
  • How getting food perks right can drive advocacy and retention.
  • Understanding your team’s unique wants and needs
  • Resources to help you implement a food perks program

This guide is supported by research from a study conducted by Woolworths at Work in partnership with YouGov, which sought to understand contemporary attitudes towards food perks in the workplace and their impact on employee happiness, retention and acquisition. In this practical guide, you’ll find powerful insights backed by data, as well as practical steps and resources to help you build a stronger workplace culture through food. 


Research, data and analytics group
Jarad Nass
Managing Director, Woolworths at Work
Simone Austin
Simone Austin
Chief Health Officer, HealthyLife

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