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Reduced admin was the first thing we delivered for Wesley Mission.

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Instead of a barrage of invoices every month, we now have just one consolidated invoice, which immediately made time for our carers to look after our clients instead of invoices.
Leanne Graham Procurement Officer, Wesley Mission

Wesley Mission NSW faced a common issue that affects many multi-site organisations: how to manage a large number of shoppers using the same login for their supplier’s website. This meant that reconciling large volumes of supplier invoices arriving at more than 50 locations became a massive chore. The huge amount of time spent on this unnecessary admin decreased productivity, especially when care workers had to split their time between clients and processing invoices.

The benefits of the new partnership were felt immediately

Partnering with Woolworths at Work’s smart procurement platform, Wesley Mission NSW was able to streamline its invoicing process, and make more time for people in their care. The benefits of this partnership were felt right from the start, with Woolworths at Work’s multi-account platform helping with the following:

We helped care workers focus on their mission

  • Mapping each login to a specific cost centre, location and ABN, so that costs can be assigned accordingly.
  • Automatically consolidating invoices every month through Wesley Mission NSW’s Accounts Team to reduce time spent on invoice administration.
  • Also allowing individual Wesley Mission facilities to select a time and date for deliveries to suit their individual program needs.

Gaining time and improving productivity

As a result, Wesley Mission NSW has improved productivity across its team by reducing the number of invoices in the processing cycle. It meant the Procurement team could also track spending in real time across various locations to make sure budgets didn’t blow out.

Most importantly, partnering with Woolworths at Work freed up more time for Wesley Mission NSW carers to devote to the people they look after.