What’s in store for Woolworths at Work in 2023?

Q&A with Jarad Nass, Managing Director of Woolworths at Work

January is always a great time to reflect on the 12 months gone by. And for the Woolworths at Work team, there’s a lot to be proud of. We caught up with Jarad Nass, Managing Director of Woolworths at Work, to recap some of the exciting milestones we achieved in 2022 and find out what’s in store for our customers in 2023.

Q. Can you run us through some of the highlights of 2022?


There’s a lot to cover! We had a really exciting year, notably marked by the official launch of Woolworths at Work and the brand campaign that followed. Sydney-siders may have seen the Woolworths at Work light rail car looping around the city last year. After two years of working closely with professionals across the sectors we now service, we developed a brand-new offering to solve the needs of Australian businesses. And those who have been on the journey with us know that we are constantly improving our platform to make it even easier for businesses to manage their grocery supplies.

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The team also launched some game-changing features for our customers. One major milestone was the ability for businesses to streamline every grocery purchase across their organisation – online and in-store – into a single digital invoice. That’s potentially thousands of transactions. All invoicing is digital and automated, so there’s no time wasted on tedious paperwork. It’s a huge win for Accounts and Finance teams.

In response to customer feedback, we also increased our product limits to allow our customers to order in larger quantities – usually supermarkets and other suppliers limit the number of items you can purchase online, which complicates the ordering process for buyers. Now, customers can order up to 99 units for selected products across our range.1 And if they need even more, we offer a free bulk ordering service through the Business Support Hub.

Q. Of all the achievements of 2022, what are you most proud of? 


A few achievements come to mind, but the one that stands out is our inaugural Give Back Day event. In the lead-up to Christmas, our team spent a day away from our desks to give back to some of our Woolworths at Work customers. 

We spread out across 23 locations in New South Wales and Victoria, with some groups lending a helping hand at KU Children’s Services, gardening, composting and tidying up after a busy year. Other team members spent the day at Sunnyfield Disability Services working alongside members of the Supported Employment program, filling orders and packaging goods for a range of partnering brands.

It was a fantastic opportunity for us to better understand the jobs that our customers do every day, so we can continue to improve our platform to better support them. We’ve already got a stack of volunteers asking about the next one. So, keep an eye out for our 2023 Give Back Day. We might even come to your workplace to lend a hand. 

Q. What are you most looking forward to in 2023?


Another great year of learning, growth and meaningful impact. We’ve got some highly-anticipated features in the pipeline – a major one is the continued expansion of Work Hub. Expect to see plenty of new reports, filters and improvements built into the Woolworths at Work platform. 

We know that spend visibility and cost control will continue to be a priority for businesses as we move through a tougher economic climate, so we want to make it as easy as possible for our customers to manage their budgets effectively. This will include the introduction of spend alerts and purchase limits to prevent overspending.

We plan to expand our range to allow customers to consolidate suppliers and further streamline their procurement processes, and we’ll continue to work closely with our own suppliers to reduce product disruptions as supply chains improve.

As always, we’re looking to increase the end-to-end value we provide across our whole service. That means continuing our free delivery proposition2, zero service and packaging costs and offering our reporting and business management tools for free.

Of course, health and sustainability remain top of mind. We’re working on a series of sustainable packaging and delivery initiatives to help our customers meet their targets. This includes striving to make 100% of our Own Brand range packaging from reusable, recyclable or compostable materials. And we’re expanding our relationships with local farmers and producers to continue to support Australian farming communities and reduce transport emissions across our supply chain. 

We’re all excited about the opportunities and challenges that lie ahead in 2023, and we’re committed to continuously improving our offering to better serve the businesses that choose to order from us week after week.

1 Order quantities of up to 99 for selected products. If you need to order in even larger quantities, we have an ordering service on hand to help.
2 Orders over $99, Excludes Partner Delivery. Subject to availability, excludes remote locations.