5 time-saving shopping features

We’re making shopping easy, so staff can spend their time really making a difference.

At Woolworths at Work we want to do more than just deliver the groceries and everyday essentials organisations need, we want to help them run more effectively. That’s why we’ve created a range of time-saving features to make shopping quick and easy, so staff can spend their time doing the things where they can really make a difference. So here’s a quick guide to 5 of our time-saving shopping tools.

1. Consolidated invoicing

No matter how many sites, stores or shoppers you have, we’ll consolidate all centre / site spend into one monthly invoice. Giving you a complete picture of your spend, while spending less time processing invoices.

2. Saveable shopping lists

Makes ordering and reordering quick and easy with weekly or monthly shopping lists that have all the regular essentials. Lists for particular occasions like birthdays, parent-teacher evenings, Friday drinks, or company meetings can be built to guide staff on appropriate ordering for your business needs.

3. Shop from previous orders

To ensure your staff don’t have to spend time re-ordering the staples every week, they can review old orders and reorder them with a single click.

4. Amend orders

With the ability to change your order before your allocated cut-off time without losing your delivery window, staff will be able to deal with unforeseen changes without causing disruption to business ( Order Confirmations show the latest time you can make a change).

5. Line of credit

Access to a 30 day line of credit* to support with monthly cashflow.
(*Subject to Credit Check being completed and approved)