Quality fresh food and everyday essentials for business

A range tailored to business

Different organisations have different needs, but we’ve used our experience serving thousands of Australian businesses everyday to tailor a range to suit business customers. With Woolworths at Work, your teams will enjoy a wide range of fresh food and everyday business essentials, with over 20,000 products to choose from.

“At Woolworths at Work we never stop improving our range. We are always looking for ways to make our range healthier, tastier and up to date with the latest new food trends – fit for business.” 

Anita Fox, Range Development Lead

Here are 3 reasons why our range is great for business – healthier, easier and better for our people and planet. 

1. Making healthier easier

  • Australia’s Healthiest Supermarket Own Brand*: Providing hundreds of great value healthier products – from convenient salads to ready-made meals, bakery, dairy foods and more – with our qualified nutritionists and product development teams working together to keep making our Own Brand range healthier.
  • Managing preferences: Shopping can be complicated these days – with so many different needs and preferences to manage. With our dietary and lifestyle filters, we make it easier to find products that accommodate your team’s needs.
  • Inspiration: From recipes to webinars, we’re proud to partner with Nutrition Australia to bring you fresh ideas that are healthier for your teams and those in their care. 

We’re committed to making healthier easier for all Australian businesses. 

2. Easy access to quality fresh food and everyday essentials 

We ensure teams get everything they need and love, tailored for business needs to save time spent searching through irrelevant items.  

  • The brands your teams love: Over 10,000 well known brands including D’Orsogna, Yoplait, Kellogg’s, Sanitarium, TIP TOP, Moccona, Primo, Birds Eye, Mission, Sunrice, Nuttelex, McCain, Ingham’s, Pauls, Golden Circle, MasterFoods, Leggos, Heinz, Devondale, Vegemite, Helga’s, Farmers Union, Bega, Nescafé, Wonder, Quilton, Old El Paso, Dettol, Earth Choice & Kleenex.
  • Quality assurance: With our Fresh or Free Guarantee^, if you’re not 100% satisfied, we’ll refund the items

3. Taking care of sustainability together

We understand that businesses can be important stewards of our resources and our communities and that sustainability is often a crucial business priority. We get it – because we feel the same way. 

  • More sustainable packaging: Whilst packaging plays a vital role in maintaining product freshness and quality, it’s important we do it in a more sustainable way and encourage recycling. This is why we have committed to making 100% of our Own Brand packaging reusable, recyclable or compostable in Australia by 2023, and NZ by 2025**.

    To help us reach our goals we have partnered with REDcycle, Australian Packaging Covenant Organization (APCO) and become a founding member of the ANZPAC Plastics Pact.
  • Improving animal welfare standards: We will never chicken out of our obligations, with 100% of our Woolworths branded fresh chicken and the Australian chicken ingredients in our Own Brand products 100% RSPCA Approved***. All Woolworths Macro Free Range chicken and turkey are Free Range Egg and Poultry Australia (FREPA) Accredited.
  • The Odd Bunch: Saving millions of kilos of fruit and veggies from being wasted. It helps farmers sell more of their crops instead of letting perfectly edible fruit and veggies go to waste. It also means our customers enjoy more affordable fresh produce. There’s nothing odd about that.
  • Celebrating Australian Fresh: We pick fresh Australian fruit and veg first. Our Australian first fresh sourcing policy means that we aim to select fresh home grown fruit and vegetables from our Aussie farming community wherever possible. To put this into perspective, 98% of our fresh fruit and vegetables come from right here in Australia.

This article is brought to you by Woolworths at Work. The new smart way for businesses to buy fresh food and everyday essentials. Woolworths at Work offers a procurement solution that is purpose built to be easy for your teams, help run your business more efficiently and provide you with powerful insights to shape your decisions. To learn more about how it works, talk to our sales team today.


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