Onboarding support material

Getting everyone onboard

Announcing our partnership is a key step for a smooth transition to a new supplier. We’ve created different materials to help you with the announcement to your business.

We recommend doing the announcement before adding your shoppers to Woolworths at Work. This will provide them with information and context before receiving their account activation email. 

Announcement communication for shoppers

Highlights our benefits specifically for shoppers and what they can expect after the announcement. All you need to do is update it with your business information, copy, paste, and send it out.

Shopper benefits downloadable PDF

A PDF is designed to be attached to your shopper announcement communication to provide more detail ab

Your FAQ Guide

Answers to some of the shoppers most frequently asked questions so you can respond back to them quickly. 

Digital Banners

Assets for use in your internal communication channels such as newsletters or your intranet.