Making shopping easy

We’ve made shopping easy with Lists

As a business shopper, it can be tough to fit in placing orders for everyday essentials amongst all the other things you need done in your day, even more so when you also need to cater for specific dietary requirements.

Our lists can be the secret to making business shoppers’ ordering experience faster and more efficient than ever, leaving you time to do more important things like spending more time with your customers. 

My Lists

Create a list of items that you’re looking to include in your orders – then when you place an order, you just need to add the items you want from your list to your cart, put in the quantities you need and you’re all set to go.  This certainly beats searching for every item every time.

Feature weekly list

Past Shops List

Add items to your shopping cart directly from a list of what you purchased in one of your previous shops.  All past orders are included in the Past Shops list.

Feature list

Suggested Lists

We also have a super handy set of suggested lists across a range of areas such as dietary (Organic, Gluten free) or industry specific (Kids & Baby Essentials), in case you are looking for a series of products in any of these areas.

Suggested list

Visit our Lists Homepage

Existing business shoppers can check out our list overview page here.

List homepage

So next time you need to place an order quickly while ensuring that you’ve covered your team and customers’ preferences, Woolworths at Work can help you get there fast!