Give Back Day: Proudly bringing a little good to our customers

Woolworths at Work puts the tools down for a day to give hands-on support to its valued customers.

We all know how busy things get as the year screeches to an end. It’s easy to get lost in tying up loose ends before the break or getting a head start on the new year. But for our team, it was a time to put work aside and spend a day giving back to the wonderful people we serve every day.

On December 15th, Woolworths at Work participated in its first-ever – a full day of hands-on help where volunteers from our team went out into the community to lend a hand where it’s needed most. 

On the day, 83 of our team members volunteered their time with two organisations that partner with Woolworths at Work – Sunnyfield Disability Services and KU Children’s Service. This was an opportunity for us to give back to our community and show our customers how much we care.

Our Managing Director, Jarad Nass, shared the motivation behind the day saying, “Our aspiration for the program is to alleviate the pressure on staff to perform menial and time-draining activities so they can spend more time with the people in their care – their children and clients.”

For our team, it was the perfect way to live up to our purpose of bringing a little good to every business every day. And that’s exactly what we did. 

Our team spread out across 23 locations in New South Wales and Victoria, with some groups lending a helping hand at KU Children’s Services, gardening, composting and tidying up after a busy year. Other members of the team spent the day at Sunnyfield Disability Services working alongside members of the Supported Employment program, filling orders and packaging goods for a range of partnering brands.

We’re also proud that the Woolworths at Work team collectively raised $2500 for the Sunnyfield Wishing Well – a program dedicated to gifting residents who spend Christmas Day alone. With this donation, we were able to purchase 150 gifts for the residents, which was the largest contribution Sunnyfield has received in the history of the program.

Give back day at Sunnyfield

Head of B2B Marketing, Brady Dennett, reflects that “one of the most rewarding aspects of the day was the sense of community that it created. The Woolworths at Work volunteers and the individuals at the centre worked together and supported one another, forming friendships and developing a sense of belonging.”

Another colleague, Lars Christiansen, a Woolworths at Work Product Manager, who volunteered at KU Preschool Randwick shared, “At KU Preschool Randwick, we worked alongside staff to prepare the centre for the holidays. Not only did we help clean classrooms and categorise books, but we also built a strong rapport and connected with our customers. It was a great event!”

At another KU location, Steve Hay, a Woolworths at Work Sales Manager, said: “Spending just one day volunteering at KU Rushcutters Bay was an extremely rewarding experience. From tending to the garden beds to chasing down tennis balls, not only did I feel good about giving back but it was also a great opportunity to understand our customer’s business firsthand. It was a day to remember.”

#givebackday was an incredibly rewarding initiative for all involved. Woolworths at Work is committed to making a positive impact in our community, and this event was a huge step in the right direction. We look forward to the next one!