Helping solve food refusal in day care

Woolworths at Work recently partnered with Nutrition Australia, experts in ELC nutrition, to deliver an invaluable virtual event. What took place was a 60 minute Q&A on strategies for reducing food refusal, a topic we wanted to explore due to ongoing interest from the Early Learning sector.

The event also marked the launch of our Think Fresh program, which plans to run a number of initiatives focused on nutrition, wellness and sustainability. The interactive webinar explored how to empower your organisation through policy, in order to overcome the common issues of fussy eating, food refusal and reducing food waste for the Early Learning Centres.

The event was hosted by Brady Dennett, Head of Marketing from Woolworths at Work, along with Amy Knight, accredited practising dietitian and Anneliese Twigg, registered nutritionist from Nutrition Australia. The team answered audience questions as they went through a series of evidence-based strategies.

If you missed the live Q&A session, a link to the full video recording is available below.

Did you know?

  • There is no universally accepted definition of fussy eating, which contributes to a wide range of reported prevalence and creates difficulty around accurate measurement.
  • Nutrition Australia reports that children’s eating behaviours which they would consider normal developmental behaviours are often labelled as fussy eating.
  • Up to 50% of all 0-3 year old children refuse to eat new and different foods at least half the time.
  • It is really important that children are able to self-regulate their intake of foods and feel safe to try and explore different flavours and textures.

Watch the full event video below, or by clicking here: