You can now edit your Recurring Orders

Recurring Orders just got smarter

We’re always looking for ways to help save you time shopping for your business, so that you can get back to doing what truly matters. That’s why we recently launched our Recurring Orders feature, a new tool allowing you to ‘set and forget’ your regular business orders and wave goodbye to the hassle of manually placing these week after week.

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It just gets better: you can now modify your existing Recurring Orders

Recurring Orders are great at doing the ordering for you so you don’t have to think about your weekly business shop. But we know that circumstances can change and needs can fluctuate. Your business might grow and you might have more staff in the office or a greater intake of kids and more mouths to feed in your early learning centre — meaning you’ll need to change your Recurring Order quantities accordingly.

To help ease this burden, we’ve enhanced Recurring Orders so you can now edit them. The new Edit Order functionality allows you to:

  • Edit your delivery window on your chosen delivery day
  • Amend your item quantities
  • Add or remove items
  • Update your preferred packaging type, driver notes and switch your ‘Leave order unattended’ toggle.

Editing your Recurring Order is easy. Simply follow these steps:

  1. From ‘All recurring orders’, go to ‘My Recurring Orders’
  2. Select and edit your recurring order as needed
  3. Proceed to checkout to confirm changes

And don’t worry, if you decide halfway through amending your order that you don’t need to change it, no problem. You can simply cancel these changes by selecting ‘Cancel changes’ in the banner. 

A top tip to keep in mind when amending your Recurring Order

For changes to be reflected in time for your next Recurring Order delivery, you’ll need to make those changes seven days in advance of your next Recurring Order delivery date. Changes to upcoming individual deliveries can always be made via ‘All orders’ page.

We hope the new Recurring Orders enhancements are useful and help you more easily respond to changing business supply needs.

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