Making shopping efficient with Discover Centre

A shopping experience built for business shoppers

Your buying teams are busy people with a set amount of time to get a lot of different things done, often wearing various hats every day. Apart from being responsible for doing the shopping, finding new ways to engage and inspire people in your care is always top of mind – with many working in industries with heavily regulated guidelines when it comes to food. Plus, ensuring shopping stays on budget and within company policies and preferences are just some of the many tasks you’re responsible for. 

So it’s no wonder your teams place a high value on an efficient shopping experience. Through internal research, we know this efficiency is also important for procurement as it drives hard and soft cost savings for the business, as well as a reduction of staff complaints.

We’ve created the Discover Centre for shopper, to deliver on an efficient shopping experience

We’re always looking for ways to help businesses, whether it’s procurement, finance, the CEO, or importantly your team who are shopping every day. We wanted to create an experience that helps to make shopping more efficient, but also provides more value in your day-to-day jobs. 

The Discover Centre helps in 3 ways – easy shopping, budgeting simpler, and making healthier easier. 

1. Easy shopping, your way

We offer up tips for quick shopping and provide how-to-guides to make shopping hassle-free. We know how crucial deliveries are to keep businesses running smoothly, so we’ve created content for your teams to take them through all the different delivery options we have available and how they can get their orders just the way they like them – whether that’s an urgent delivery, time-slot specific or during business hours.

2. Making budgeting simpler

Being able to buy what’s needed within a budget is key for businesses, which is why we have a Pricing Promise to show our commitment to delivering great value and making budget management easier. 

Getting the most out of fresh food and minimising food waste is a great way to help budget stretch. We share our food storage tips and tricks to help you extend the life of fruit and veg. 

3. Making healthier easier

Through our collaboration with Nutrition Australia, we’re providing Early Learning Centres access to menus and recipes that meet nutritional guidelines while saving time. 

Shopping on behalf of multiple people can be complicated with different allergies and dietary requirements. We’ve made it easier to find accessible options and products with our dietary and lifestyle filters. Having variety in the day-to-day meals that are served to staff and people in care is important for some shoppers. We’ve created a produce guide showing fruit and vegetables are in season so they can be bought at their best.

This article is brought to you by Woolworths at Work. The new smart way for businesses to buy fresh food and everyday essentials. Woolworths at Work offers a procurement solution that is purpose built to be easy for your teams, help run your business more efficiently and provide you with powerful insights to shape your decisions. To learn more about how it works, talk to our sales team today.


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