Caring for others begins with you

Let’s recap the latest webinar in our Thrive Through Food series with Nutrition Australia.

As carers, educators and leaders, we understand that your first priority is often the people you look after day-to-day. But taking care of others begins with taking care of ourselves. 

Woolworths at Work recently hosted the fourth webinar in our series Thrive Through Food, in partnership with Nutrition Australia. We were joined by Registered Nutritionist Anneliese Twigg to take a deep dive into looking after your health and wellbeing, particularly for those in caring and education roles. 

If you missed it or want to watch it again, please check out the webinar recording above. We covered the impact that food, stress and lifestyle factors have on our energy levels and shared practical tips for supporting your health and wellbeing.

Did you know?

  • Fatigue affects 1.5 million Australians every year1
    This can come in the form of physical, mental and emotional fatigue.
  • The signs of fatigue are not always obvious
    They can include chronic tiredness, muscle weakness, reduced hand-eye coordination, impaired vision and low motivation.
  • Fatigue can influence our food choices
    When we’re sleep deprived, our brains often send signals that lead us to choose energy-dense, high-fat foods to satisfy our cravings.
  • A balanced diet shouldn’t feel restrictive
    Variety, versatility and enjoyment – that’s what it’s all about! Plan your meals around fresh fruit and veg, wholegrains and lean protein sources with feel-good foods in moderation.
  • Carbs are not the enemy, despite what diet culture tells us
    Our brain relies on carbohydrates as its main source of energy. Aim for low GI foods that provide a slow, consistent release of energy.

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Keep an eye out for the next webinar in our Thrive Through Food series in March 2023. Details to come!


1 According to a report by the Family Medicine Research Centre of The University of Sydney, titled General practice activity in Australia: