Experience delivery that works around your day

We’ve tailored delivery and fulfilment solutions to work for business

We understand businesses have different needs when it comes to delivery, so we have created tailored solutions, designed to work around busy business’ days. And with an innovative infrastructure and large delivery network, which covers 96%1 of Australia, teams have the confidence they’ll get what they need, when they need it. 

Our customers told us they value affordable delivery that helps them manage their busy schedules. We heard that being able to quickly find delivery windows to suit their business hours, at no extra cost, was key to smooth operations. And with Monday mornings being particularly crucial, having tight early morning windows would help them get ahead of the day.

196% national reach of the population.

Free next day delivery on orders over $99

Delivering real value where it matters for our customers is a crucial part of our Woolworths at Work offering, and one of the many ways we do this is through offering fee next day delivery for orders over $992 (includes 2, 3, 5 or 8 hour delivery window). This is all part of our Pricing Promise, helping make budget management easier for businesses. 

2Orders over $99. Excludes 1hr windows. Subject to availability, excludes remote locations. 

Exclusive reserved capacity for business 

To give our customers more assurance they’ll get the delivery window that suits their schedule, we reserve a portion of Woolworths’ overall delivery capacity3 just for our Woolworths at Work customers.This means access to more delivery windows and greater availability when placing your orders in advance. 

3Weekday AM windows only, subject to availability. Windows reserved up until 2 days before delivery date.

2 hour delivery windows 

We know how crucial early morning deliveries are, so teams can be ready for the day ahead. That’s why we have 2 hour delivery windows^ to ensure your business has the fresh food and everyday essentials needed delivered early on Monday morning. These 2 hour delivery windows are exclusively available for Woolworths at Work customers from Monday to Friday, with AM and PM windows available. Free for orders over $992

2Orders over $99. Excludes 1hr windows. Subject to availability, excludes remote locations. 

Priority Assistance

In uncertain times, peace of mind is priceless. That’s why we provide Priority Assistance to critical services like child care centres, aged care facilities and disability services, so they can continue to look after the people in their care.

Delivery Now

If teams need something in a hurry, with Delivery Now you get up to 50 items delivered in under 2 hours4. Delivery is in non-refrigerated Partner Driver, with a flat $19 fee. Currently available in select locations only^.

4Maximum 50 items, non-refrigerated partner delivery. Subject to availability.

Same day delivery

Order today and we’ll deliver today with a choice of 1,3 or 5 hour windows.
Delivered in the afternoon when ordered by 11am. Delivery fees vary from $13 to $18, based on order value and location.

Green delivery window

Reduce additional driving and help lower carbon emissions by using a vehicle already in your business’ area. 3h and 5h window only. Currently available for Metro only, no additional delivery fees.  

Track my Order

Teams can track their order within one hour of arrival, using our ‘track my order’ service on the website or via the SMS link confirming the order. We’ll also send a text when your delivery is next in line.

Change My Order

With the ability to change orders before an allocated cut-off time without losing the delivery window, teams will be able to deal with unforeseen changes without causing disruption to business (your Order Confirmations will show the latest time you can make a change).

This article is brought to you by Woolworths at Work. The new smart way for businesses to buy fresh food and everyday essentials. Woolworths at Work offers a procurement solution that is purpose built to be easy for your teams, help run your business more efficiently and provide you with powerful insights to shape your decisions. To learn more about how it works, talk to our sales team today.


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